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Mike Adams

The Transmission Shop


Texas state flag, waving The Transmission Shop
1403 Forest Lane
Garland, Texas 75042


Mike Adams
Phone: (972) 494-0911
Fax: (972) 485-8935
E-mail: olmkick@yahoo.com
Web: http://thetransmissionshop.com

TopHelp Wanted

We have 4 locations in the Dallas area. We are open Monday-Friday. No Saturdays! I am the sole owner of all locations. Most of my employees have been with me a long time. We just opened our fourth location so we need some new qualified employees. Send resumes to olmkick@yahoo.com

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Below you will find useful links to help you relocate to The Transmission Shop in Garland, Texas. Just for fun, we have set the links up like a six-speed transmission so you can smoothly shift through your relocation.

First gear

Shift into first and go find a city you want to relocate to.

Second gear

Shift into second and figure cost of living differences.

Third gear

Third gear draws you a map to The Transmission Shop

Fourth gear

Shift into fourth and book your hotel/airfare/car rental reservations on-line.

Fifth gear

Fifth gear takes you to apartments located in the city you are relocating to.

Sixth gear

And sixth gear takes you to homes that are for sale in the city you are relocating to.

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