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Bill Orsborn

Gateway Transmissions & Care Care Clinic


Washington state flag, waving Gateway Transmissions & Care Care Clinic
1301 E College Way
Mount Vernon, Washington 98273


Bill Orsborn
Phone: (360) 420-5700
Fax: (360) 424-3443
E-mail: bill@gatewaytranny.com
Web: http://gatewaytranny.com

TopHelp Wanted

Looking for a good diagnostic tech that can be given a job and can follow thru, finish the job correctly, thoroughly and cleanly without being babysat. Diagnostician that understands the whole vehicle and knows the difference between the motor, transmission, and electrical system and hydraulic systems and can diagnose and repair all in a timely fashion. Building experience is a plus but not necessary. Swing work is a major part of this position, so we don't want squeemish (primadonna) types. This is a clean, organized, team oriented shop. We will do our jobs and expect you to do yours. This is a really cool area with lots of outdoor recreational activities and a great place to raise a family. If you're on this site, I assume you are computer literate enough to research the area on your own. If you are still reading, give us a call.

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