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TransTeam Parts Club

Vendor Members Benefits

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We do not have employment opportunities for our vendor members.

But,we do have a way for our vendor members to pick up some new customers and make their job easier

Boost Your Sales Now !

Free Trade Show Booth

Set up your Exibit Booth at our Trade Show now

All parts salesman have their own Trade Show Booth at
Advertise new products, talk about your company, run a show special....Just like if you were at the trade show.

Save Time

All TransTeam members place their orders on-line.
You only talk to the TransTeam customer if there is a need. You can process more orders in less time. No more waiting on hold.

Build Loyalty

Why Vendors Sponsor Shop Owners

Our service helps all shop owners staff and manage their shop more efficiently. That helps shop owners pay their bills on time.

Vendor members can sponsor shop owner members and pay for their customers TransTeam fees through our rebate program. This can help develop long term interpersonal relationships with old and new customers. They will appreciate your effort to help them survive and prosper. Who do you sponsor?

Parts Rebate Program

TransTeam shop owners members can earn their membership fees back in the form of a rebate by buying parts from our vendor members.

Because we allow the vendor members to advertise free at our trade show and save them time on parts orders, most vendor members are willing to participate in our Parts Rebate Program.

How it all works

  1. The vendor registers with TransTeam and becomes a TransTeam Vendor Member.
  2. The vendor member sets up his trade show booth and his sets his designated email address at the trade show booth. Shop owner members find the vendors designated email address and enter the vendors designated email address into their Production USA app and start placing on-line orders with the vendor.
  3. Under Give Aways, the vendor posts his rebate offer.
    • If a shop owner member purchases 2,000.00 worth of parts by the end of the month
    • If a shop owner purchases a new product.
    • If a shop owner participates in another promotion you are having
    • Change rebate offers to fit sales promotions
  4. The shop owner earns the rebate.
  5. The vendor takes 99.95 (The TransTeam shop owner monthly fees) off the shop owners parts bill. That is 99.95 off the customerís RETAIL BILL.
That works out to....

Free memberships for our shop owner members and a low cost way to promote new business for our vendor members!

Vendors! Join TransTeam today, because

Together Everyone Achieves More....