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Press Releases

Transmission Digest Magazine
February 2015 Issue
Transteam is celebrating 18 years

TransTeam is celebrating 18 years as the National Employment Headquarters for the transmission industry. There have been hundreds of shop owner members that have staffed their shops and thousands of employee members that have used their website to relocate to jobs all over the country. "We have put a lot of people to work and made some great friends over the years " says Art Little , TransTeam founder. "

TransTeam announced an online center manager training and certification program earlier this year. Managers can go to the website now and sign up for online training and certification testing in production management.

TransTeam has recently teamed up with Drivetrain Technology to help shop owners easily get low cost leads. The companies have collaborated to create two low cost - high tech internet advertising solutions for transmission shop owners. Transmission shop owners can easily sign up for the modern wholesale lead program or the retail lead program at the TransTeam website and immediately start increasing their car count. Visit the popular website at

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