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Press Releases

Gears Magazine
March 2004 Issue
On-Line Trade Show & 6th Anniversary Top Transteam News

TransTeam has announced a new on-line trade show at their website. The popular employment website for the transmission industry has expanded to include a trade show for the companies that sponsor their site. According to TransTeam founder Art Little, "We are trying to get as close to the trade show experience as possible using the tools of the internet. We have guest speakers and feature an exhibit hall with live exhibit booths. Exhibit booths expose visitors to company information, monthly specials, new products and give away drawings just like at the trade shows" Visit or call xxx-xxx-TEAM for more information

TransTeam is also celebrating its 6th year as the National Employment Headquarters for the transmission industry. TransTeam's website,, has over a thousand industry employees registered from all over the United States. Art Little, TransTeam founder, said "After rebuilding the web site nine times we got it right in 2001. I have pretty much left her alone since then. If its working, we don't fix it."

This employment web site for the transmission industry has helped employees relocate to shops all over the country. It is a free service to industry employees, and is supported by shop owners who pay a fee to access the employee registrations. Shop owners are able to recruit nationwide when they become shop owners members. Employee members can easily move through the web site. For more information visit the website or call Art little at xxx-xxx-TEAM(8326).

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