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Press Releases

Gears Magazine
September 2001 Issue
TransTeam Celebrates 4th Anniversary

TransTeam Employment USA is celebrating its fourth year as the National Employment Headquarters for the transmission industry. Art Little, TransTeam's founder says, "When I started out, I had an 800 number and a fax machine that doubled as a printer. I would take the employee registrations over the phone, print them out and mail them to my shop owner members once a week. As TransTeam grew, I felt like I was running a printing press. Over the last four years, TransTeam has evolved into a fully automated employment website for the tranmission industry with over 800 employees registered. The website now has on-line registration for employees and shop owners. All the employee registrations are stored on the website. Art says, "printing and mailing employee registrations took too long to get the registrations to the shop owners. That is when we shifted gears and went to the Internet."

Now, when an employee registers, an employee registration notice is instantly e-mailed to all shop owner members. When a shop owner registers, a new shop owners registration notice is e-mailed to all employee members. The website quickly serves employment information to shop owners and employees 24/7 by providing a help wanted board for the employees and a recruiting office for the shop owners.

The recruiting office has a search engine that allows shop owners to search for employees by the state they register in, the area they want to relocate to, job category and by name. The help wanted board also has a search engine that allows the employees to search for a shop by the state they want to live in. For more information visit the website or call Art Little at 1-xxx-xxx-TEAM (8326).

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